Why Offensive Industries?

You deserve better

What Offensive Industries brings to the table is hard work and experience, both making and carrying defensive blades.

Who are your customers?

Everyone. An armed society is a polite society (Robert Heinlen). We firmly believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can't carry a firearm. We have the ability to provide tools that allow you to escape an armed confrontation with your life. Everyone should go armed, legally, at all times. When you watch the news and every other broadcast is about a man robbed, a woman raped, a child shot, it is time to become the solution. Make society safer and go armed.

We have a combined 15 years military experience...

In this time we have dealt with gear and equipment made by the lowest bidder. Some of it is amazing, and some is absolute garbage. We have taken the best and made it better. Our company is a way to improve the community and exhibit some of the things we have learned and in which we have been trained. Not everything we do is for everyone. That's part of our name. We are offensive because we can't afford not to be. At the end of the day, we come home. Thats it. Fighting dirty isn't cheating, it's winning. 

Return Policy

Return policy: If your product doesn’t work, or fails for any reason; you are entitled to a full refund. There will be no refunds for lengthy lead times or issues beyond our control. If the issue is materials or workmanship related, we reserve the right to ship you an identical product of equal or greater value. We request that you ship the item back to us so we may examine it for material/workmanship errors and we will process your refund as fast as we can. At this time we cannot pay for return shipping costs. If you don’t let us know your problem, and attempt to resolve it to both our satisfaction, you played yourself. We will bend over backwards for our customers. We’ve been fucked over before, and refuse to allow that to happen to our customers and friends.     

For any questions or concerns, email us at theheathens@offensiveindustries.com